I dropped some hints here on the site and on Facebook last week that one of the stories in my upcoming collection would be available ahead of publication, and after receiving confirmation yesterday, I can finally let you all in on the secret (although if you were watching Book Chatter a few weeks ago, you’d already know what I’m about to tell you).

My new story RADIO FREE NOWHERE will be included in an upcoming horror anthology published by In Ear Entertainment, a new publisher that specializes in audio releases. They reached out to me several weeks ago about contributing (courtesy of Mr. Anthony Rapino—thanks again, sir!), and I happened to be traveling down south for the holiday weekend, so the confluence of these two events resulted in my little story.

RADIO FREE NOWHERE is a 2500-word piece about a beautiful song being broadcast from somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains. It’s so beautiful that many travelers often end up on the back roads of West Virginia, inexplicably drawn to the source of the music. The story follows a young couple as they are lulled off the highway, and we get to find out what happens to them when they reach the source. Since In Ear has just secured audio rights, the story will still appear in the eBook collection.

The as-yet-unnamed anthology is expected to arrive later this summer, and I’ll post here once it’s available.

More soon.


P.S. I finished UGLY LITTLE THINGS yesterday. The first draft is close to 15k words, which is about 3k more than I wanted, but I’m rather pleased with the way it turned out. Beta readers are going over it now.