Ugly Little Things: Progress Report

Good afternoon, folks.

I’m taking a short break from the fiction to give you a status update. As I’ve mentioned over the last few posts, I’m working on a group of stories for a collection tentatively titled UGLY LITTLE THINGS (including a lead story that shares the same name). Here’s where things stand:

  • UGLY LITTLE THINGS: I crossed the 11k word mark last night, and expect to finish it this weekend. Which is good, because if the story about an evil doll maker in West Virginia keeps growing, I’ll have to start calling it Ugly Bloated Things.
  • RADIO FREE NOWHERE: Completed at 2.5k words. There may be further revisions of this story in the future once Amelia gets her hands on the collection, but for now I’m considering it “finished,” if only because I had to submit it this week for a separate project that I can’t talk about just yet. Let me put it this way: if all goes well (and I think it will), you’ll be able to experience the story long before the collection is published.
  • SAVING GRANNY FROM THE DEVIL: Completed at 16k words. At first I wasn’t going to include this story because it hit a little too close to home, crossing into a deeply personal realm where I wasn’t prepared to go, but I changed my mind after listening to Amelia sing its praises. 
  • WHEN KAREN MET THE MOUNTAIN: I have about 1k of this written, but I may scrap what I wrote and start over. I have an outline in my head, and I hope this one will fit neatly into a 10k word space.
  • GIRLS FROM THE INTERNET: This is a story idea I’ve been kicking around since 2004, but I could never find the right way to start it. I think I’ve found a good place to start, though, but I won’t know until I actually begin. I do have a good idea for how to end it, so that’s something at least. When I do begin, I’ll be aiming for 6k words.
  • THE OTHER-LAWS: This idea is the result of a strange dream I had while visiting my in-laws. I haven’t decided if this will even happen, but you never know. I said the same thing about Radio Free Nowhere. 

And there you have it. I’ve got about 30k words down so far, with another 20k or so to go. I told Amelia that I planned to have a manuscript to her this fall, so I’ve got my work cut out for me. In fact, I should probably switch gears, wrap up this blog, and get my ass back to work. Onward!