Bullet points.

Morning, everyone.

Just dropping in to point out a few things. I’ll try to be brief:

  • After a little more than a month after I lowered the eBook prices of ALT & TLM, I decided to raise them again this week. In fact, the price increase went into effect last night, and you’ll find the price points are back to $2.99 and $4.99, respectively. I initially lowered the price to capture more sales following the birthday promo last month (and it worked), but as is the trend these days, that post-freebie momentum died down within a couple of weeks. I would’ve raised the prices sooner, but my appendix decided it wanted to be free of this aging body, and so that delayed my intentions for just about everything. Why the increase? Simply put, I think the books are worth more. Admittedly, that is a biased reason, but let’s face facts here: I’ve got medical bills to pay, and every dollar helps. Such are the harsh realities of capitalism.
  • I recognize that I owe blogger Mike Cane a follow-up post to last year’s entry about the lack of first-year sales and the results of my decision to enroll in KDP Select, and I promise to get to that when I can. Right now I’m a little busy with other things. More on that in a moment.
  • I entered TLM into The Kindle Book Review’s 2013 Best Indie Books contest. I wanted to do this with ALT last year but I didn’t find out about the contest until after the deadline closed. I think TLM will stand a better chance, but who knows. The semi-finalists will be announced on July 1st. Cross your fingers.
  • Speaking of TLM, if you’ve read the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon.
  • Work continues on a series of stories for an upcoming collection. I’m close to finishing a draft of the longest entry, SAVING GRANNY FROM THE DEVIL, which currently clocks in at 11k words and will probably top out at 15k. The story has taken a strange turn for me, and there have been several moments where I’ve wanted to shelve it, but at the insistence of friends, I will finish that first draft and go from there. The story is rather personal, a mixture of fiction and memoir, and it isn’t my usual thing. Most of you will probably not like it very much. The other three stories in the intended collection are in various planning stages of their first drafts, and I expect them to be shorter than SAVING GRANNY. I’ll post more about them as they begin to take shape.

That’s about it for now, I think. I hope–hope–to have something to announce by this fall, for a release early next year. Time will tell, though.

Until we meet again,