The state of things.

Hello, everyone.

I’ve got a couple of things to mention. First off, the birthday promotion of TLM went incredibly well. If you were following me on Facebook, then you already know TLM peaked at #3 on the Top 100 Horror list and #9 in Thrillers. ALT even cracked the top 20 in Horror. Combined, both books were downloaded over 4500 times during a 72-hour period (Yeah, I extended the promo by a couple of days when I saw how well TLM was doing).Rank3

If you’re one of the folks who downloaded one or both of the books: Thank you. I hope you enjoy them.

I do find that I have mixed feelings about the notion of what’s free these days, and whether or not promotions like this enable the expectation from readers that books like this should be free, but that’s a blog post for another time (and one better suited for SPR, I think).

The second thing I want to mention is a status report of sorts. A couple of posts ago I mentioned a number of solid story ideas I have currently running through my head. I’ve decided that rather than try to write them all at once (or in pieces, swapping between them all), I’m going to pick one and focus on it until it’s done. That story is called SAVING GRANNY FROM THE DEVIL. I first started it two years ago but set it aside because I wasn’t ready and because TLM was calling my name. It’s about my great-grandmother and about how I may have saved her soul. I’m about 2k words into it, and from the look of things, the story wants to be a longform short story, or possibly even a novella. I won’t know until I get deeper into it. So far it’s a weird blend of memoir and fiction, and the Devil isn’t necessarily a villain.

My goal is to have a solid portion of the story ready for a one-off book signing & reading I’ve got scheduled in my hometown this June (Details about the reading will follow next month). I want to have something new to read and unveil, and I can’t think of a better place to do it than the town where I grew up.

As for the short story collection I’d planned to have done by this fall, well, I honestly don’t know if that will happen—especially if this story takes off the way I suspect it will. Once finished, the story will be edited, given a fancy cover, and released as a Kindle Single. I may do this with the other stories as well—or I may hold off and release them as a single title as I’d planned before. Either way, you’ll be the first to know when I do.

And that’s all, really. Other than being busy with real life matters and fiction, there’s not a whole lot going on in my world. What about you? How are you doing?

Hit the comments and let me know!