26 Days and Counting


In typical Keisling fashion, the moment I make a statement, the universe immediately moves in opposition to make me eat my words. A day after I announced my hiatus from active writing and desire to take a break from all the TLM insanity (in all honesty, it wasn’t even a full 24-hour cycle), I was struck with yet another story idea. This one involved a couple having an argument while driving on a lonesome stretch of Arizona highway. I wrote about 1k words and stopped, as other real-life matters intruded.

This is why I needed that hiatus.

So let’s see. In the last 26 days, I’ve: been slapped with a number of medical bills (expected, but annoying nonetheless); purchased a somewhat new car (2011 Mazda6–drives like a dream); had to focus on the Day Job a bit more than usual which resulted in some overtime (for said bills) and a two-day business trip to Charlotte, NC; purchased Scrivener, finished the tutorial, and promptly forgot how to use it; fallen in love with Bioshock Infinite; felt incredibly exhausted; had a number of ideas for new stories.

That recaps the last 3+ weeks, I think. I can’t say I’ve had an actual opportunity to recharge my batteries. Although writing 1k words on that new story felt great, I was resistant to being pulled into something potentially draining and/or time consuming–because in the back of my mind, I knew there were other things I needed to be doing.

Even now, I should probably be cleaning my office. Hell, I should be cleaning my apartment. Erica’s been ill these last couple of weeks, and with me being busy and out of town, the whole place has fallen into disarray (I say that like it isn’t always in a state of disarray).

I’m putting this all down here because I feel obligated to explain my absence. Sometimes it’s a good idea to drop in, clean out the cobwebs of this place, and remind everyone that, yes, I’m still alive, and yes, the gears in my head are still turning even though I haven’t written much lately. I have five stories going in my head right now, all with the following tentative titles: UGLY LITTLE THINGS, GIRLS FROM THE INTERNET, SAVING GRANNY FROM THE DEVIL, WHEN KAREN MET THE MOUNTAIN, and FWD:.

That last one could potentially grow into a novella, if not a proper novel. I haven’t quite decided how to handle or approach that last one, but however I choose to do so, I do know that it will be very dark. Very violent. Think Super 8 meets 8MM and Eyes Wide Shut. This is the one I’m thinking about most these days, and I may start it soon once I’ve completed some research (the story takes place during the summer of 1999).

I doubt I’ll be able to complete these stories before the end of the year. You know me, though. Quality over quantity.

So that’s all I have to say at the moment. If you’ve wondered why you haven’t heard much from me lately, this is why. I’ll try not to go almost a full month without posting again. Naturally, if one of my projects does start to take shape, I’ll post about it here.

Until then,


2 thoughts on “26 Days and Counting

  1. It is good to see you are here. Take care of yourself and your family. Recharge…running on empty only ends up with you finding yourself stuck someplace you usually don’t want to be.as always…just me..vitina…the old hippie

  2. March seems to have body-slammed many folks I know. Hope April is smoother for you, and that things click along at a satisfactory rate… whichever things those may be.

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