Top Ten!


I woke up this morning in a grim mood, knowing I’d have to venture down to a local funeral home and pay my last respects to an old friend who passed away several days ago. This bit of news put a smile on my face, even though it was bittersweet. Matt Molgaard, the lead guy over at Horror Novel Reviews, included Yours Truly in his list of the Top 10 New Horror Authors:

Todd is eloquent, intelligent and precise in his actions to tell a straight forward story that demands some thought, but completely avoids any hint of pretentiousness. Watch out for this young man, his future looks bright… or perhaps I should say dull, and gray.

What can I say? I’m both honored and humbled to be on a list such as this, not to mention in the top five. Wow. My thanks go out to Matt for his kind words and for including me on his list. I know he’s reviewing TLM in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for it. Also, if you don’t mind, Matt’s asked that everyone share the list with their friends. The site is taking off and he wants to keep the momentum going.

I’ll write more soon. I’m incredibly behind schedule with some blog tour-related items, so I’m in crunch mode for the foreseeable future until I dig myself out of this hole I’m in (the flu didn’t help).

Until next time,