There and back again.

Evening, folks.

It’s been a while since I wrote a regular post, so I thought I’d drop a few words here and fill you in on what I’ve been up to these last few weeks.

In no particular order:

Mini-Tour Conclusion

The TLM mini-tour concluded last weekend with a bang at the Spring Township Library. I honestly didn’t expect much of a turnout at these four events, and you wonderful people defied those expectations. In the last three weeks I’ve spoken to an alarmingly large group of high school students at my old high school, introduced myself to the staff at my hometown library, indulged in what is probably the purest cup of coffee I’ve ever had at my hometown’s new coffee shop You & Me, Coffee & Tea, and enlightened co-workers at my day job about what it is I do when I’m not in the office. I want to thank all of you who dropped in during one of the four signings during the last three weeks. You made the mini-tour a success.

It’s “official.”

TLM’s official launch day came and went. I have to say it’s a little weird being finished with the book. After working on it for so long, the prospect of the book being available for public consumption seemed like a pipe dream–but here we are. It’s out now. Available. You should go buy it.

But not without some hiccups . . .

Okay, so TLM is available, but for reasons that are beyond me, Amazon is delaying hardcover shipments of the book up to 7 weeks after order placement. The distributor, Lightning Source, told me they have contractual obligations to expedite hardcover orders for their retailer partners in order to meet demand despite the usual 8 to 10 day turn around. We’ve no reason not to believe them at this point, which would mean Amazon is delaying orders for some bullheaded reason or another. My guess is it’s related to their wholesale discount. For the time being, if you’re looking to acquire a hardcover copy of TLM, consider ordering from Barnes & Noble if you want the book in a timely manner.


For the first time, I decided to try my hand at National Novel Writing Month. I started working on an idea that I’ve been kicking around for a few years and made it as far as 13k words before losing steam. I think my biggest misstep was writing a full outline of the story to better plan my daily writing sessions. With the entire story mapped out, I lost interest in it. As I told my friend R.J. Keller, the story was never intended to be released anyway–it was mainly for my own practice, and after not actively writing fiction since July, it was nice to get back into that groove. So much, in fact, that . . .

I’m working on something new.

Well, sort of. I mentioned earlier this year that I wanted to work on some new, shorter fiction for a possible collection. I’m hoping to make good on that goal. With a little luck, the collection would be available for release around this time next year–but time will tell. One story at a time, friends.

Monochrome Mailing List

If you attended one of the signings, you may have noticed a sign-up sheet for a mailing list. If you’re one of the folks who submitted your information, you can expect the first email to go out later this week. I’ll have a sign-up form incorporated into the website as well. The main reason I’m doing a mailing list (which seems like such an antiquated idea) is because I can’t rely on social media anymore.

Twitter has become a deluge of marketing noise, and Facebook’s new policy (through which only a fraction of your followers will see what you post–unless you pay to promote it) is beyond ridiculous. By having a mailing list, I can reach you directly with important news, updates, and notices about upcoming contests and freebies. These won’t be regular emails, so you don’t have to worry about me spamming you. That’s not my intention. And, naturally, if you feel that I am spamming, you’ll have the option of unsubscribing.

And that’s that.

I probably won’t post again until after the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you all have a wonderful week (whether you’re in the US or not)!

Until next time,