In which I humbly ask for your help:


As you might imagine, I’ve been a little busy these last several days trying to get things in order for TLM’s “official” launch date. This includes sending out press releases, contacting bloggers, and so on. You know, the not-so-fun aspect of writing a book. Namely, the promotional side.

See, I’d planned on spending most of October gathering my resources for a huge launch the last week of the month, but since TLM is out right now, I’m left scrambling, trying to get everything together before the book’s sales rank withers and dies a slow, agonizing death.

That’s actually why I’m blogging today. I’m one guy, with limited time and money. I can only do so much when it comes to promotion. This is why I need to ask a favor. A huge favor. Hell, I’ll just spell it out: I need your help with this.

How can you help?

Many, many ways:

  • First and foremost, if you’ve purchased and read TLM, please rate and review it on Amazon/Goodreads/B&N. All I ask here is that you be HONEST.
  • Click “like” next to the book’s title on Amazon. You can do this per edition (for a total of three likes for TLM). Doing this increases the book’s visibility on the site. These likes don’t carry over to Amazon’s international sites, so if you’re in Canada, the UK, Germany, Spain, France, or anywhere else, for that matter, please click “like.”
  • Click on the “tags” at the bottom of the Amazon page. Again, this increases the book’s visibility.
  • Add the book to your shelf on Goodreads.
  • Word of mouth is crucial. Even if you haven’t read TLM, but you’ve read ALT, please tell them about that book, too. FYI: ALT will be free from October 29th through November 2nd on Kindle.
  • Share the book on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.
  • If you are a book blogger and/or reviewer and would like a review copy, please EMAIL ME! I can provide a Kindle or PDF version of the novel free of charge. If you absolutely must have a print copy, let me know ASAP.

I understand you may have issues spamming your friends about the book. That’s totally fine. I understand completely. I put this list together so you have options if you’d rather not share the book with friends and/or clog their social feeds.

Thanks for sticking with me through this. If you’ve read TLM, I’d like to hear from you. Tell me what you think. Expect more posts very soon!

Until then,