[CONTEST] “I Am Donovan Candle” Trailer + Giveaway

Hello, everyone.

As a follow-up to the contest idea I revealed during this past weekend’s video blog, I’ve come up with a list of rules/guidelines for how this all needs to come together.

To recap, the trailer will be a montage of video and audio clips in which readers (e.g. you) list off some of the crappy jobs you’ve held in the past. You must also speak the phrase “I am Donovan Candle.” Three participants will be chosen randomly to receive a signed paperback of THE LIMINAL MAN.

Now for the specifics:

  • Record video of yourself listing some of the crappy jobs you’ve had (or have), followed by the phrase “I am Donovan Candle.” Here’s an example. (PLEASE DON’T MENTION COMPANY NAMES OR BRANDS! Doing so will get you disqualified. I can’t afford a lawsuit.)
  • Save your video as a .avi or .wmv file and email it to todd [at] toddkeisling.com with the subject “I AM DONOVAN CANDLE!” Please zip/rar/compress the file if at all possible. If that doesn’t work, email me and we can work out alternatives.
  • Don’t have a webcam? No problem. Call my Google voice number and leave a message with the same info: (610) 285-1619
  • The deadline for entries is Saturday, October 20th.
  • Three participants will be drawn at random to receive a signed paperback of TLM.
  • This should go without saying, but your entry to this contest constitutes your consent to use your likeness specifically for this trailer project. I will not use these files for any other promotional campaign, and once the trailer is finished, I will delete all source files because I’m not a creeper.

I think that covers everything. Naturally, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

I look forward to your entries!