The white lummox.

The Yawning by Joshua Walters

“It swaggered into view from the curve of the tunnel. Its white outline was a stark contrast to the darkened gray walls of the interior. The way it held itself when it moved gave it the appearance of a ghost, but they knew better. They’d seen what it could do to a person; what it would do to them if they didn’t keep their distance. It was an impossible thing—gaunt, its body sheet-white with arms that dragged the ground, a slender head that held two nondescript dots for eyes and a slim line of a mouth. The white lummox walked along the tracks nearly fifty yards from where they stood. It watched them. Alice didn’t know how they worked, whether they were empty inside and nothing more than pale, animated rag dolls, or if they had substance underneath that rubbery flesh. It was something she didn’t care to find out.

. . . can you tell I’m having fun?


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