TL; DR – #TLM is available right now.

First and foremost, here is the “too long; didn’t read” version: TLM is available now. Yes, right now. You can get it here and here and here. I’ll explain why it’s early, but the long & short of this post is simply this: Fuck release dates. Go buy TLM right now.

So what happened?

I screwed up. Or maybe someone at LSI/Amazon/B&N screwed up. Regardless of whose fault it is, the book went on sale way earlier than it should have. The retailers are like dominoes when it comes to this sort of thing–when one breaks a street date, the others follow suit.

What I wanted was pre-order capability, and I got it for about two days. Then someone flipped a switch (Amazon’s words, not mine) too early, and all hell broke loose. Some folks later emailed to tell me that B&N shipped their books, and then I placed an order myself just to see if it was true. That copy I purchased is due to arrive on Monday.

So, as of yesterday evening, I had a choice to make. I could stamp my feet & freak out. I could remain silent until next month and hope no one noticed. Or, I could break my own rules and disregard the release date I’d set for myself. I chose the latter, and here we are.

Any other publisher would’ve cried foul about this. I chose to roll with it. I chose independence so I could play by my own rules, and the best part about doing that is I get to break my own rules if necessary.

And let’s be honest, folks: we’ve waited long enough.

So! TLM is out there for the taking. I’m considering this a “soft” launch. Everything I’ve planned around the “official” release date is still on schedule, so there’s more excitement to come. I’ll write more about that in time.

For now, I think you all have some reading to do.


P.S. Kickstarter folks: I placed an order for your books last night. I expect to start mailing them by mid-October.