Odds & Ends.

There are a number of things “in the works” at the moment. I wanted to post last Friday night following the Google+ broadcast, but I was so distracted by everything else (not to mention completely drained) that it completely slipped my mind. This week hasn’t offered much reprieve either, but I’ve got a long weekend off from work, so I now have some time to collect my thoughts.


Coming up:

  • I’ll be hosting an interview with author Kristen Tsetsi in support of her novel Pretty Much True. Date to be determined because I haven’t finished the book yet (but I’m 50% of the way through it).
  • I’ll also be hosting a stop on Anthony Rapino’s blog tour in support of his novel Soundtrack to the End of the World. Look for that on October 1st.
  • After almost two years, the Precipice Books website will launch this Saturday. This is what’s taken up most of my free time over the last couple of weeks.
  • Alongside the Precipice launch, I’ll also begin taking pre-orders for the TLM Gift Set I’ve mentioned over the last several weeks.
  • A Zazzle shop is in the works for various TLM-related merch, including that skateboard. Look for that to launch around the same time as the book’s release.

This weekend Erica is finalizing the cover spreads for both print editions. I’m still waiting on a couple more blurbs, but I hope to receive them by Saturday. Regardless, the print files will be uploaded to LSI’s system by the middle of next week, and I should receive the proofs sometime in the middle of September. Once the proofs come back and (provided no tweaks have to be made), the book will be 100% complete.

So far, everything is going according to schedule. My fingers are crossed.

Today I received a test print of the TLM shirts:

And the oversized postcards for the TLM Gift Set:

The Google+ hangout went well. I’d like to thank Eric Wiebe, a longtime fan and supporter, for showing up and suffering through my diatribes for two hours. A lot of you sent me messages to report errors when you tried to connect with the chat. I apologize for that. I wanted to try something that would be free of ads, and Google+ seemed to be the best choice, but I didn’t think about the various hoops one must jump through in order to join a Hangout. Next time I’ll try something like Justin.tv.

There is a video of the broadcast, though. You can find it here.

I didn’t realize that Eric’s screen would be maximized throughout most of the recording (something which you can witness, with hilarious results). The result is accidental fame on Eric’s part. I hope he doesn’t mind.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll post again this weekend once the Precipice website is live.

Until then,


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  1. Hi Todd, sorry I missed the live event. Unfortunately I was on my way to Belgium at the time, otherwise I would have been up at 5 in the morning to join in. I’m really exited for TLM. My brother whom I gave one of the copies, is really looking forward to the new book as well.

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