Falling Off the Face of the Earth

My buddy Phill pointed out to me during a short conversation Sunday that we hadn’t really talked all that much in about six months.  At first I didn’t believe that, because six months (half a year!) is a long time, but when I broke it down and thought about it, I realized he was right.  I’ve been off doing my thing mostly away from the internet for the better half of a year.  I will admit this is intentional.  Most of you folks know I work a day job, that being a writer (or, some would say, an author) isn’t as glamorous as it was in the days of Fitzgerald, and so I spend my days working in a box, at a computer, doing things that I don’t necessarily enjoy but that I don’t necessarily hate either.  It’s a comfortable living that doesn’t follow me home.  Seeing as how I’ve had worse, this present predicament isn’t bad at all.

That being said, I spend most of my time glued to a computer screen, so when I get home, the last thing I want to do is, well, be glued to a computer screen.  I resolved at the beginning of last year to cut my time at a computer in half, devoting more of it to real life things like spending time with my fiancee (and now, my wife).  Until that point I was a devout user of a little place called deviantart.  I still have an account there, I still check messages from time to time, and my account page now serves as a kind of portal to this site, though it appears I’ve fallen behind on updating that as well.  I realized early last year that I was spending too much time there and not enough time with other, more important things.  So I basically left the so-called community and chose to maintain the profile for the sole basis of redirecting folks here.  Judging by my site stats, it seems to be working.  There’s a good chance if you’re reading this right now it’s because you came from deviantart.

Early ’08 was good.  Erica and I both had steady work, things were looking up, and at some point in May I decided, hey, let’s finally get married.  So we spent all summer planning our September wedding.   I also just realized that I promised photos. You can find them at the bottom of this post.

Bear in mind there are way more than this – I just haven’t had a chance to upload them.  Most of these are from the wedding; there’s one other from our Halloween reception in Kentucky (in case you’re wondering, I was the Marquis de Sade, and Erica was a demented little doll brought back to life).

After the wedding plans were beginning to come together, I realized things were going to have to fall to the side in order for us to continue.  I found myself spending considerably more time pondering over wedding decorations than I ever thought possible, as well as trying to organize an event that would include folks flying in from other parts of the country, and I realized that, in the end, I could never make it as a wedding planner.  The big day was one in which everything that could simultaneously go right and wrong did.  People couldn’t find the place.  A hurricane was dumping mass amounts of water over our little location.  The beer was late.  People hated our music selection.  Typical fare, I suppose.  But, despite all of that, it was a great day.  A lot of my friends from Kentucky made the trip, and it was nice to be welcomed into Erica’s family.

The months following the wedding are a bit of a blur.  We held a second reception in Kentucky on Halloween for the friends and family who couldn’t make it in September.  The economy’s downard spiral hit home as Erica was laid off in November.  Winter set in.  Looking back I can’t honestly tell you the little details between points A and Z because my mind was partially elsewhere.  A writer’s mind is never idle.  At least I don’t think it should be.  My written silence can be partially blamed upon my imagination, I think, simply because I’ve had too many ideas and I can’t decide upon which to focus.  I came to terms with the fact that my novel-in-progress, imagiNATION, may be forever a work-in-progress and may never see the light of day.  But, as an ancient seer once prophesised to me, I must speak the word unspoken.   So I chose to focus my attention forward, rather than back, and in that time I’ve overcome a lot of roadblocks concerning a lot of different plots for different stories.  I realized I am only one man, and that I have to work at my pace, not at anyone else’s – and that no matter how much I’d love to, I simply can’t match Stephen King’s pace – and that’s probably for the best.

While going over the site stats this week, Erica and I discovered that, since it’s initial availability in February 2008, the free digital version of my novel, A Life Transparent, has had over 3k downloads.  When I first self-published the book, way back in early 2007, I announced that I wanted to sell 1000 copies.  In this regard, I failed.  However, in giving it away, the book tripled my expectations.  It’s a thrill to know someone read my book.  But over three thousand – 74 of them just this month – is astounding to me.   This is a book that’s had little to no promotion except for word of mouth.  Three thousand of you decided to give me a shot.  Whether or you loved or hated the book, I thank you for taking the time to read it.

Now we’ve come to 2009.  I’ve made some statements in the past, suggesting the site would be overhauled and so on.  And it will, to some degree, but as far as this site is concerned, it’s a two-person operation.  These things take time.  I don’t think you folks are in any hurry.  I’ve also said there are “things” in the “works.”  They are, but not physically.  It’s all in my head at the moment.  One important thing, however, is soon ready to make the transition to paper, and that is my goal for 2009.

The sequel to A Life Transparent, titled “The Liminal Man” will be written this year.  All I will say about it is that it will be a longer story, the plotline itself is mostly solid, and Dr. Albert Sparrow is the villain.

I’ll leave you folks to digest that.

Until next time,


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  1. Great shots, a late congratulations on the day!

    I know exactly how you feel in terms of the internets robbing hours of valuable time each day. I’m trying to regulate my usage, and spend more time being productive, though writing involves me sitting in front of the same computer the networks lurk behind. Such is life.

    If you’ve got short story ideas you’d like to work out (gentle nudge), there’s this site – 365tomorrows – I’m sure they’d love to publish some (not so gentle nudge 🙂


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