One last hurrah.

I started experimenting with Amazon’s KDP Select program back in February, making use of its free promotional days as a way of boosting ALT’s visibility. I get five “free” days every three months, and August 24th will mark the last day of this particular period.

Following that day, I will not be offering ALT as a free promotion for a couple of months (for reasons that are probably obvious, but which I’ll reveal at a later date).

So . . . I’d like to do something to mark the occasion. April was my most successful month, and I think it had something to do with the live broadcast I scheduled on the night of my birthday to coincide with the free promotion.

Since the 24th will be the last free day for a while, I think I’ll do another live broadcast. Instead of using Ustream this time, I’m going to make use of the “Hangout” feature on Google+. This way there won’t be annoying ads interrupting my feed every 15 minutes.

Like last time, this event is going to be focused on TLM. I will read from the novel–and not the same bit as last time. I will talk about characters and plot while keeping things as spoiler-free as possible. I will answer your questions.

One reason I want to give the Hangout feature a try is because we’ll be able to interact more directly. That is, I’ll see you on camera as well (provided you have a camera, or even want to be on camera). The downside is that only 10 people will be able to “participate” in the hangout, but I’ll also be checking Twitter & FB regularly to take any questions you might pose there.

The Hangout will go live at 8 PM on Friday, August 24th, and last as long as it has to. I’ll post a link once it’s live. Oh, and I believe you’ll need to be on Google+ to actively participate. You should still be able to watch the broadcast, though.

I look forward to reading to you. I hope you can join me!



P.S. This is my Google+ profile, if you want to add me to your circles.