Hello from across the void.

Greetings, folks.

Sincerest apologies for not keeping in touch.  I decided to take a rather extended, unscheduled length of time off from this place.  I’ve much to share and much to say, but I’m afraid this very moment in time is not the right one.  In fact, I’m only writing here to check in with you, so to speak, and to apologize for being gone so long.

There are site redesigns in the works.  We (that’s myself and my web designer wife) are hoping to trim the fat and speed things up a bit.  We know the site lags a lot, and we’re convinced it’s our host, but the amount of plugins behind the scenes doesn’t help matters either.

A couple of things are in the works that I’ll post about in length at a later date.  For now, however, I must bid you a bittersweet farewell.  We’ll talk soonly, and you can tell me about all the things I’ve missed.

Until then,


4 thoughts on “Hello from across the void.

  1. Well hello there! Glad to see you’re still alive, and I hope that you’ve been well while you’ve been away. Looking forward to hearing about what you’ve been up to, and what you’ve got planned.

    Take good care,

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