A hint of things to come.

While the TLM manuscript is out in the wild for various format layouts and blurbs, I’m busy brainstorming ideas for a few swag items. As I mentioned before, I’m planning a limited “gift set” for collectors, and these items would be included in the package. The swag will also be used for various contests and giveaways.

I gave you folks the floor about a month ago, asking for what you wanted to see in terms of promotional stuff. After reading your comments across the various social streams, I’ve decided to have buttons, T-shirts, and prints made to support TLM.

I’d planned to use the buttons from the start, as they tie into TLM very well. Specifically, certain characters wear promotional buttons for a popular reality TV show that is tied to the plot of the book. Here’s one of the buttons:

As for the T-shirts, I posted a FB poll last week, offering a choice of three designs. Two were only different by a matter of color; the third was a different take altogether. After counting the votes, the black design won by a slim margin over the gray. This is the design that will appear on the shirts:

The shirts themselves will be basic, white cotton tees. I prefer black T-shirts, but I have to go with white in order to keep this whole thing cost-effective.

The third design, “I AM DONOVAN CANDLE,” may be used for something else at a later date. Possibly bookmarks and/or stickers. Haven’t decided:

We’re still working on a final design for the poster prints. They’ll be 18″ x 24″ with a matte finish. The TLM design will feature prominently, but it won’t just be a hi-res version of the book’s cover. Erica and I aren’t that lazy.

I should have a pre-order price finalized by early September. If all goes according to plan, I’ll start taking those pre-orders around the same time via the Precipice Books website, with a cut-off date around the middle of November.

To recap, the TLM limited gift sets will include the following:

  • Signed hardcover copies of ALT and TLM.
  • One limited edition TLM T-shirt.
  • One limited edition TLM poster print. One signed TLM postcard-sized book plate.
  • Several “Fading Out” promo pinback buttons.
  • Kindle versions of both novels will also be included.
  • Domestic shipping will be included in the final price. International shipping will probably cost a little extra.

Naturally I’ll post here if these details change. If there’s enough demand (or if I have a surplus of this stuff), I may create smaller packages for sale at a later date.

I’m also considering setting up a store on Zazzle to accommodate the other requests some of you had.

Anyway, I think that’s enough for now. I’ll post here once the poster design is finalized.

Until then,