In which I ask for your input:

Some of you have asked about TLM formats and swag. I can give you firm info on the former; for the latter, I’d like your opinions.

Like its predecessor, TLM will be available in both hardcover and paperback formats. As for the digital version, it will only be available on Kindle.

Why not Smashwords?

Well, to put it simply, ALT didn’t sell very well on Smashwords, and coordinating with the different vendors was a nightmare. I mean no disrespect to Mark Coker and his company–I think Smashwords is a great site, and the problem was beyond their control. The way those
3rd party vendors (Apple, B&N, Sony, etc.) update their catalogs was the root of the problem, and for the time being, I’d rather save myself the trouble.

Unfortunately, this means that there will be no TLM on Nook devices . . . but considering that ALT hasn’t been available for Nook in three months and I haven’t heard a single complaint, I suspect this won’t be an issue.

Signed copies? Pre-orders?

Once edits are finished (July 15th, I swear!) I’m going to focus on getting the TLM and Precipice sites up and running. The TLM site will act as an info portal (similar to ALT’s site). As for Precipice, Erica and I are still figuring out how best to approach that one.

At the very least, I’d like to take pre-orders for a limited time on the Precipice website. These would be presented in packages, similar to those I offered as rewards during the Kickstarter campaign, ranging from a simple signed copy of TLM, to combo packs (ALT & TLM) and gift
sets (ALT, TLM, & swag of some sort). I can’t offer price points at this time because I don’t know how much this stuff is going to cost me at the moment–though I suspect some of the gift sets would probably lean on the pricy side of things.

You mentioned swag?

Something like that. I’d like your input. I’m currently getting quotes on a short run of T-shirts for giveaways, so that’s a possibility. I also intend to do give away promo buttons (they tie into TLM).

But what else? What sort of swag would you like to see? If you could have something included in a ALT/TLM collector’s set, what would it be? (Note: I’m excluding the Cretin plushies because they can’t be mass produced).

I posted a poll on my FB page, but I’d like to hear your thoughts here as well.

So whaddya want?


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  1. What about posters? Whether for the book itself or for Fading Out.. I don’t think they’re too terribly expensive to print up.

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