3 thoughts on “The Owners of this Country

  1. God you can call it the Canadian dream and it still tastes bad for me. After all America and Canada are so close you can call them twins (Or Amerinada (shudder)).

    Still I gotta say this, it seems that Bush needed to get one more thing that screws over the people of America before he is booted out for good. Why am I not surprised? The reason is simple, like George said, they don’t give a fuck.

  2. I hate to say it man, but your country is going to shit.

    Here in the UK they just passed a law that states councils can’t use surveillance to prosecute minor criminal offenses. Apparently, our councils have been spying on people using street cameras and having police follow them. Recently they had to pay out massive compensation, and I can honestly say we dodged a bullet. It would have been so piss poor if they strengthened the law and let the big shots carry on their peeking tom shenanigans.

    But hey, America isn’t all bad… you got those really nice Hot Dogs in New York…

  3. At this point, the only thing keeping me in America is the lack of “hate speech” laws. But the risk of domestic surveillance vs. the right to make racist jokes and not give a shit? I need to think this cost-benefit analysis though a bit.

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