In the Afterglow


That’s really all I can say at the moment. “Wow.”

I’ve already posted these stats on FB, but I’ll post them here since I know some of you don’t follow me there:

US – 4,117
UK – 30
Germany – 5
Italy – 2

Total: 4,154

To put this in perspective, last month’s promotion (which had very little planning) topped out at a little over 600 downloads in a 24 hour period, breaking into the top 100 Mystery & Thrillers list. I enlisted the help of my personal network, sending out a mass email 48 hours beforehand, blogging about it here, and using Facebook/Twitter heavily.

That was for 24 hours, in a category where ALT doesn’t really belong. Sure, it’s a thriller, but as my friend Henry pointed out, it’s more of a horror novel than a thriller novel. I decided to give it a shot, changing the categories around to Horror first, Thriller second.

But I needed a rallying point. I wanted to do something as a way of saying thanks to everyone for their support during the first promotion. I also needed to mark the occasion somehow and make it mean something. I checked my calendar, and hey, wouldn’t you know it, my birthday’s coming up. What if I gave gifts on my birthday instead of receiving them? E.g. A TLM teaser and ALT freebies?

That’s the first thing I did differently: I planned ahead. Rather than send out an email blast to my friends/family, I put down $20 and secured sponsorship on Daily Kindle Bargains, a site operated by bizarro horror author Jeremy C. Shipp. The site gets a good share of traffic, but sponsorship also includes daily tweets from the Bargains account as well as from Jeremy himself. That’s a big perk.

I also started utilizing HootSuite to schedule my tweets, following the same patterns as other, more successful indie horror & thriller authors (Scott Nicholson and Russell Blake, in particular).

Retweets and Facebook shares happened throughout the day as I posted updates. This time around, ALT had over 600 downloads by the mid-Thursday. It had also broken into the top 100 horror list, putting me alongside Stephen King. The broadcast went over very well (I’ll post a link very soon), and the downloads continued to climb. By the time I went to bed very early Friday morning, there were over 1900 downloads.

When I woke, I had a message from Amelia to check my rank. ALT was #4 in the top 100 horror list. Incredible. And still the downloads kept coming. By that point I think it was self-guiding. The visibility of being on that first page was enough to sustain it, but I kept tweeting/posting anyway. Zoe Winters retweeted the book at one point, which also led to a huge boost in downloads.

At some point, other blogs started posting about it–The Digital Ink Spot and Kindle Korner, specifically. New followers on Twitter started tweeting about it, too.

ALT eventually peaked at #3 in Horror, #74 overall on Amazon. Over 4k people downloaded the book. My book.

I’m still in awe of those numbers. Just . . . wow.

Thank you so much for your tweets and shares, your likes and your blog posts. Your continued support is humbling and keeps me driven. I’ve known this for a while now, but you Readers remind me on a regular basis: I’m not doing this for myself anymore. And I’m okay with that. If it were just for me, I think I would’ve stopped a long time ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now I guess I should get back to work on that sequel, huh? I expect a lot of folks will be looking forward to it now . . .

To the future,


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  1. It actually peaked at #2. Gotta admit that I was checking it too. Sorry I didn’t take a screenshot, thought you would. But it was in that few hours when you were away.

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