Indigo Children

I joined last week and linked up with some old friends while making a few new ones.  I tried using LibraryThing for a while, but it didn’t really stick with me, so I was hesitant about this one.  So far, though, it’s something I’ve started checking regularly – not just for the sake of curiosity and book recommendations, but for a means of cataloging my own personal library.

Here’s my Goodreads profile.  Much to my surprise, ALT is actually on the site, so if you’ve read it, go leave your feedback.

I scribbled something down on a couple of post-it notes while at work on Friday.  It’s something that’s been tumbling around my head for close to six months now and, even after reading it, I’m not sure what will come of it.

A word on comments:  I’ve changed how the comments are posted to these blog entries.  I used to not have any restrictions whatsoever – you could post whatever you liked, so long as you included a name and email address.  I set it to require an email address so I could respond directly and privately.  Naturally, when some folks like to be smart about it and put in a bogus email, I can’t respond.  I’m afraid that’s not going to fly.

So, from now on, all comments will be moderated before they go live.  If you don’t include a live email address, I’m going to delete your comment.  It’s that simple.  My apologies if this puts a dent in your anonymity, but I set up comments on the blog so I could interact with readers.  If you absolutely have to remain anonymous, but put in your jabs anyway, you can email me directly.

On that note, I’m off to do lazy Sunday things.  Enjoy what’s left of the weekend, folks.


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  1. Jab, Jab…
    (oh, damn… my name’s on that, isn’t it…)

    Comment spam is such a waste, and I share your lack of patience with anonymous comments. If you’re not going to put your name on your thoughts, how much attention do you expect them to get?

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