[CONTEST] Bloody Bookish Giveaway

As part of my February feature at Bloody Bookish, we’re hosting a small contest. At stake are three signed ALT paperbacks. We’re even throwing in the eBook as well.

How do you enter? It’s quite simple. You just go to the Blood Bookish contest page and leave a comment. That’s all. Tell Mary how much you enjoy the book, or tell Mary how awesome her site is. Hell, tell Mary you love pancakes for breakfast and shoggoths for dinner. Say anything you want–just so long as you leave a comment.

There are other ways to enter, too, but Mary’s covered the details on her contest page–so why not mosey on over there and check it out?

Go on. I won’t stand in your way. In fact, I might even give you a little nudge.

Oh, and if you could, please tell your friends. I’d really appreciate that.

Good luck!