Edits, events, and other things.

Hey, folks. Here’s a Monday info dump:

Book Chatter

Firstly, a big thanks to everyone who tuned in to Friday night’s Book Chatter. It was my third appearance on the show, and the most fun yet. I had a great time chatting with hosts Stacey Cochran, R.J. Keller, and Kristyn Holleran, as well as fellow guest Craig Lancaster, who divulged the secret to getting me to record audio for his book trailer. Seriously, Craig, those were some awesome nachos.

In case you missed the show, an archive can be found here. You can listen to me stumble my way through trying to explain ALT, offer advice to Ms. Holleran, confess how I found the time to write my first novel, and reveal the best review of my work to date.


This won’t matter to 99.9% of you, but for those of you in the Boyertown, PA area, I’ll be signing at The Book Nook this Saturday, October 29th, from 4 PM to 7 PM. There will be candy for the kids, door prizes, and costumes are encouraged. I hope to see you there!

SPR Reviewers

Self-Publishing Review is looking for book reviewers. The best part? It’s a paying gig, with 100% of the funds going straight to you. You can check out the guidelines here. Not bad for 500 words.

TLM Edit Updates

After several weeks of pulling my hair out and sobbing in a corner, I finally stitched together TLM’s second chapter. The second chapter went from being almost 8k words to 4.6k. Granted, a couple of scenes are going to be relocated into chapter three, but there’s still a huge chunk of text cut from the book.

Writing new scenes after being in “editor” mode for weeks was a challenge, and it took a while for me to get back into that groove. I’m not 100% comfortable with what I’ve written–it seems too fast for my liking–but I have to remind myself that I felt the same way about ALT’s final edits, too. So much of TLM was built around a central theme, and I’m afraid that if it moves -too- fast, that theme will be lost. The same goes for Donovan’s motivation in those early chapters.

But, for the time being, Ch. 2 is tentatively done, and I’m moving on to Ch. 3 which will require even more surgery. This whole process is a lot like sculpting: sometimes it’s knowing what to carve, and what to leave alone.

I think that’s all for now. There will most likely be photos from the signing next week. Stay tuned.


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