Hey, folks. Sorry for the silence. I’ve been in brainstorming mode these last few days, and I’ve got an interesting conundrum I wanted to present to you.

If you’ve read it, you know ALT is hard to shoehorn into a single genre. It’s not quite horror. Not quite science fiction. Not quite a thriller, either. Unfortunately, retail classification relies on these genre names, and you have to pick at least one (but it’s usually two or three).

I classified ALT as a thriller and a horror novel, which it simultaneously is and isn’t. I’ve mentioned in interviews that it’s slipstream or speculative fiction, but those aren’t recognized as hard genres. And now that TLM is due out next year, I have to start thinking about these things.

So, tell me, if you had to fit ALT into a single genre, what would it be?


2 thoughts on “Genres

  1. I would put it in the same area like Spencer said, and so then you can be seen next to the Dresden Files! 😀

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