The Signing + Photos

Greetings, everyone. I’m back from a week-long vacation which was capped off by the grand opening ceremony of my local library’s new wing. I was invited to attend along with 16 other local authors. This was my first signing since 2005’s Written In Red, and also the first I’ve done in support for ALT.

If you were following me on Facebook or Twitter yesterday, you know I was a bit nervous about the whole thing simply because I hadn’t done something like that in a long while. I’m a little agoraphobic by nature, and I don’t do well with large crowds. Not only was I exposed to the early afternoon sunlight, I was also in the presence of a very large crowd.

The event went by in a blur, all things considered, so I thought I’d share some highlights here.

Erica and I dressed the table rather nicely, I think. A Cretin even made an appearance. Many children kept a safe distance.

It was very surreal seeing a copy of ALT on the library shelf.

Even more surreal was the occasional passerby who mentioned they’d borrowed ALT from the library and loved it. I even managed to make a few sales, which was awesome.

At one point a shy little girl approached and asked for my autograph. I gave her some chocolate as well.

I received more than a few disapproving looks from the elderly crowd. As one of the other local authors said, “They’re not our target market.” Too true.

Finally, as a nice way to cap off everything, I learned that the only way to really get an interview with my local newspaper is to be a teenage girl with a low-cut shirt. We all spotted the reporter early on, and he hovered around the girl’s table for a long while. I won’t say any more on the matter. What I’ve said is enough. I’m officially done with local media.

Overall, though, it was an interesting event. I’m glad I attended, and I want to thank Melanie, the library director, for inviting me to participate. She hopes to make it an annual thing, and if so, I’ll definitely attend next year, too.

Finally, here’s one last photo of me, giving an awkward look to the camera. What can I say? I’m not a social creature, and I was way out of my element.