Aside from the occasional contest announcement or update, I’ve been rather quiet these last few weeks. It has a lot to do with feeling drained, and a little to do with not having much to say. Life continues, as one would expect it to do so, and I’ve been trying to distance myself from ALT so I can breathe. The last time I did this, I ended up taking a whole year off, but that’s not going to happen this time around.

Tomorrow I’m sending out the TLM manuscript to my list of beta readers (including those who won the contest). This fills me with excitement and trepidation all at once. So far, only Erica and Amelia have read the book in its current form. I’m nervous about how others may perceive it, as I know some folks who loved the first book are going to have higher expectations. I think I’ve met them–even exceeded them–with TLM, but I could always be wrong. These days, that’s par for the course.

Sometime last year, I wrote about how I wanted to update this site with a new layout, and also get the Precipice site up and running. So far, I haven’t really had a chance to do that, but it’s still in the cards. At some point. Eventually. Definitely before TLM goes to print next year.

I know I wrote a couple of months ago about working on shorter stuff for a potential collection, but I honestly haven’t had time to do so. When I haven’t tried to promote ALT, I’ve been focusing on things that aren’t book and/or publishing related. Now that there’s almost two months left to go before I’m scheduled to dive into TLM edits, I feel compelled to enjoy the time off rather than push myself into further exhaustion before taking on a project that will probably dominate the latter half of this year.

I guess I’m writing this here because I know there are people who read these things, and they’re probably wondering when my next post won’t be a 150-word contest announcement. So, if you’re one of those folks, here you go.

However, just because I’m taking some “me” time doesn’t mean I’ll be AWOL for months and months. I’ll still be here, and I’ll probably blog about the books I’m reading, as well as other happenings in the indie publishing world.

For now, I’m going to enjoy this little break before I have to go full speed ahead into TLM.


P.S. There will be a follow up to the Sick On Sin giveaway very soon.