Updates, reviews, and other things.

Sorry I’ve been quiet these last few days. I’ve had a number of writing commitments to fulfill this past weekend, and I don’t think it’s going to slow down.

But enough bellyaching. On with the updates!

I’m happy, proud, and honored to announce that I will be assuming editorial duties over at Self-Publishing Review. Henry asked me to fill in for him for a few months while he takes a much deserved sabbatical to recharge his batteries. Seeing as how I’m going to have some time off from book-related things, I’m more than happy to oblige. That said, I’ll be migrating the Word Machines features over there, and to kick things off, I have an interview scheduled with R.J. Keller, author of WAITING FOR SPRING.

Speaking of SPR, Henry interviewed me about ALT, Kickstarter, and self-publishing in general. Go check it out.

Lenox Parker, author of Back(stabbed) In Brooklyn also posted an incredibly favorable review of ALT on her blog. Again, go check it out.

This week I’m working through the TLM manuscript, as Amelia has given me a hard deadline of January 28th. I can’t say no to my editor. Also, the hardcover copies of ALT are due to arrive later this week. I’ll be working like mad to sign, personalize, and package up everything for my Kickstarter backers. The goal is to ship everything this coming Saturday. I don’t know if I’ll meet that goal, but it’s what I’m aiming for.

All in all, it’s a very busy month for me. I hope to post more frequently once I have the Kickstarter stuff squared away.

Good things are ahead. Stay tuned!