Goal in sight.

Hi. I’m posting this to my blog and to Kickstarter to save time.

Hello, folks. It’s been a couple of weeks so I thought I’d let everyone know where we stand.

Last night, my editor finished her second pass over the manuscript. This weekend I’ll be reviewing her suggested changes and implementing them as necessary, as well as flagging anything that should be discussed. Tentatively, Amelia and I will conference on Sunday to go over everything.

Then we do a final read-through for any typos and odd formatting things. After that the manuscript will be sent to a number of places. It will go to my designer for page layout, to a third-party contractor for digital layout, and to a couple of individuals who’ve agreed to provide early reviews and (possible) blurbs for the cover.

Things I still have to do regarding the manuscript include writing the acknowledgments and compiling the copyright page. I still have to write the jacket copy (not my favorite publishing chore). There are also some administrative things I need to do (LCCN registration, for one), but they shouldn’t take more than a couple of days.

There will be a new cover design. My designer and I went through a couple of different possibilities before she had a Eureka! moment and mocked up a new cover. I will post it here as soon as it’s finalized (we’re still deciding on a font and color scheme). And, again, I have to write the jacket copy as well.

There’s also a bit of an announcement that’s forthcoming. I’ve alluded to it on my blog a few times, but I wanted to wait until the book was closer to completion before revealing it. It’s not a huge thing and may not mean much to you, but I’m rather excited about it. It’s a side-effect of the Kickstarter project, and something that my backers have enabled me to do with their generous contributions.

I think that’s it for now. I estimate the book will be ready for LSI’s system around Thanksgiving. We may miss the Christmas shipping window depending on how long it takes to get the books printed, but I’m going to do everything I can to get them out in the mail to you ASAP.

Despite my busy schedule, I’m incredibly excited about this. I can’t wait to show it to you. I think we’ve put together something worthy of your time and pledges. That was my goal from the start, and I think we hit it dead on.

Finally, as I’ve said before, thank you for your support, and thank you for your patience. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ll get back to it now. Onward!